single layer pcb

we provide pcbs follow these rules:1 layer,FR-4 ,Tg130, Thickness 0.8mm-1.6mm,finished copper thickness 1OZ,green solder mask,white silkscreen. HASL size≦ 100mmx 100mm our full technical specifications for 1 layer pcb as below: Track Sizes Careful consideration of the current passing through the track needs to be made prior to determining the track size. Minimum Track Width: 6 mil Minimum Track Clearance: 6 mil Pad Sizes Pad sizes are determined by the size of the lead or device to be inserted in the hole, the larger the device leg the larger the pad, this will secure the device and prevent damage to the board or trackes if the device is moved while fixed to the board. Minimum PTH hole Pad Size: Hole Size + 20 mil Minimum Via hole Pad Size: Hole Size + 12 mil Minimum Pad Clearance: 6 mil Hole Sizes Using the standard drill sizes as below, will ensure your board is produced quickly and accurately, Minimum Hole Size: 0.3 mm Maximum Hole Size: 6.0 mm Minimum Slot width: 0.8 mm

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