How to order?

Answer:if customer just need prototypes,and quantity no more than 5 piece,so it's a simple

             process,click the right button to check the gerber fiel with CY customer service,then

             add it to shopping cart. then confirm the shipping cost.  finally do the check out.

             if customer need medium quantity,click the online program to evaluate the price first.

             then copy the result ,send email to inquiry@CYindustrial.com together with the gerber.

             customer will get a confirmation email within a very short time.the feed back will including

             the shipping cost.finally customer can choose the right product to finish the payment online.

             if customer need mass production,the best ways is send email to get a competel quotation. 

How  many shipping methods CY can provide? 

Answer:CY provides  2 shipping methods.one is standard post-Air mail,the other is Express(

             including DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNT).you can choose the better one refer to your own situation. 

Where to tracking the pending orders?

 Answer:you can track your orders when  you have logined in and you will find it in member                      


What about the lead time for prototypes and mass production?

Answer:for prototypes:3-4 days for 1-2 layers pcb, 4-5 dyas for 4 layers pcb,5-6 days for 6                    

             layers pcb,8-9 days for 8 layers pcb, 10-12 days for 10 layers pcb. for mass

             production:8-10 days for 2 layers pcb, 10-14 days for 4 layers pcb. 12-16 days for

             6 layers pcb.15-18 days for 8 layers pcb,etc.in fact if you send inquiry of multi-layer

             pcb,you will get a detail quotation  including lead time

How to contact CY when customers meet questions during shopping process?

Answer:Customers can contat the sales online or email to CY to solved the questions.

             CY provide online communicate tool to do the serive job.everyone can contat the 

             sales to make questions clearly

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