Our calculating system just suit pcb as below:
Layer:1-8 layers. Material : FR-4(Tg140), board thickness ≦1.6mm,
the max size of X direction and Y direction≦300mm.the min pth hole size≧0.25mm, the min circuit line width/spacing≧ 5mil/5mil.

If your design is beyond these items,please send us email to get a detail quotation.

Choose the exactly options to evaluate your pcb price:

Step 1:Layers
Choose the right layers of your design

Step 2:Quantity
Enter the pcb quantity you need

Step 3:Dimensions
Enter the X direction size and Y direction (unit mm)
X direction size mm
Y direction size mm

Step 4:Board thickness
Choose the board thickness you require

Step 5:Finished copper thickness
Choose the copper thickness you required.need make the inner layer clear to the multi-layer pcbs
Outer layer
Inner  layer

Step 6:Soldermask
Choose the soldermask you need
TOP side soldermask
Bottom side soldermask
Via holes

Step 7:Silkscreen
Choose the silkscreen you need
Top silkscreen
Bottom silkscreen

Step 8:Surface finish
Choose the finished method you need

We provide free cost 100% E-Test for order area less than 1 sqm.all pcbs with soldermask and silkscreen(no effect to price)

please find the result as below
Board Information Summary

Order information
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Lead time:please see the detail in FAQ
Delivery Cost:choose the shipping methods,and make the address clearly included in below Email.then we will feed back you the shipping cost(you can evaluate the shipping cost in the webpage)

How to order
Send the pcb gerber files and a copy of the information above to inquery@CYindustrial.com. Then we will feedback you a order number and delivery cost & lead time for confirmation. Then we can start the orders