5 pieces 6 layers pcb


Size:X≤100mm & Y≤100mm

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5 pieces prototype pcbs follow these rules:

6 layers, FR-4 ,Tg140,

Thickness 1.2mm-1.6mm

finished copper thickness:outer layers 1OZ

                          inner layers HOZ

green solder mask, white silkscreen.HASL


The following specifications define the requirements for 6 layers pcb

layout rules,

Track size

Minimum track width:5mil

Minimum track spacing:5mil

Pad size

Minimum pth hole pad size: hole size+20mil

Minimum via hole pad size:  hole size+12mil

Minimum pad spacing        :6mil

minimum soldermask openning pad

sapcing to ensure the dam:8mil

Hole size

Max npth hole size:6.0mm

Minimum npth hole size:0.25mm

Minimum slot size:0.8mm


*Please note that when you  add one  product to shopping cart,it means that you can get 5 pieces pcb.not 1 piece.

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