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Item Mass Production Capacity Pilot Run Production Capacity
Layer Counts 1--16 18--24
Material FR-4, High TG FR-4, PTFE
Aluminum Base,Rogers,etc Nelco, ect
Material Mixed Laminate 4 layers -- 8 layers 10 layers --14 layers
Maximum Size 610mm X 1100mm  
Board Outline Tolerance ±0.13mm ±0.10mm
Board Thickness 0.40mm—4.0mm 0.35mm—6.0mm

Thickness Tolerance ±10% ±8%
Insulation Layer Thickness 0.10mm—4.00mm 0.055mm--0.100mm
Minimum Line 0.10mm 0.075mm
Minimum Space 0.10mm 0.075mm
Out Layer Copper Thickness 35um--175um 35um--210um
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 17um--175um 17um--210um
Drilling Hole (Mechanical) 0.25mm--6.35mm 0.15mm--0.25mm
Finish Hole (Mechanical) 0.20mm--6.30mm 0.10mm--0.20mm
Diameter Tolerance (Mechanical) 0.05mm  
Registration (Mechanical) 0.075mm 0.050mm
Laser Hole 0.10mm 0.075mm
Aspect Ratio 10:1 12:1;16:1
Solder Mask Type LPI  
SMT Mini. Solder Mask Width 0.10mm 0.075mm
Mini. Solder Mask Clearance 0.05mm 0.025mm
Plug Hole Diameter 0.25mm--0.60mm 0.70mm--1.00mm
Impedance Control Tolerance ±10% ±5%
Surface Finish HASL, Immersion Gold,OSP Immersion Tin
Plating Gold, etc  

Comment: Pilot Run Production means only medium order or small order for that kind production.

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