Product Description

This signal jamming device that you are viewing here is the  All Frequency 2G 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax Phone Blocker WiFi  GPS VHF UHF Jammer   & Lojack Jammer  which is a powerful signal jamming device and can help people a lot.

Firstly, since designed with high power output of 16W so that this high power signal blocker owns up to 50 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the given area. Besides as this high power multi-purpose signal blocker owns 8 antennas so that it can cut off the signals of CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, WiFi, 4G LTE,4G Wimax, GPSL1, VHF UHF and Lojack Jammer at the same time, which is really powerful. what’s more, the adjustable button has also been used on this high power signal blocker so that you can decide the jamming frequency bands and jamming distance according to your real situation.

 Also the design of the good cooling system for this high power adjustable multi-purpose jammer also makes it easy to achieve the 24/7 continuously working goal. For more details of this high power adjustable multi-purpose jammer just come here to gain the useful information.


- CDMA : 850-894 MHz
- GSM : 920-960 MHz
- DCS : 1800-1880 MHz
- PCS : 1920-1990 MHz
- 3G : 2100-2180 MHz
- WIFI : 2400-2480 MHz
- 4G LTE (US.725-770MHz) or (EU.800-895MHz)
- 4G Wimax (US.2345-2400MHz) or (EU.2620-2690MHz)
- GPS L1 : 1575.42 Mhz 
- VHF: 140MHz-180 MHz
- UHF: 420MHz-480 MHz
- Lojack : 167-173 Mhz

Payment Terms: TT/LC/DP/PAYPAL/WU

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