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phone jammers|Adjustable High Powerful 16 Antennas D16 Bands Signal All £529.00 mJdkhmbsP.

  • This 16 Antennas Full Bands Desktop Jammer is powerfull design to block all signals from 130mhz to 2700mhz!

    Each of 16 frequency bands is adjustable separately.

    We can mix all 16 frequencys very flexiblily, so pls send us your inquiry and we will give you our suggestions.

    RF Frequency A:
    700-800mhz or 790-862MHz

    RF Frequency B:
    1. 130-200MHz 3W
    2. 200-300MHz 3W
    3. 300-400MHz 3W
    4. 400-500MHz 3W
    5. 700-800mhz 2W
    6. 790-880mhz 3W
    7. 850-965MHz 3W
    8. 920-990mhz 3W
    9. Remote Control 433MHz 3W
    10. Remote Control 315MHz 3W
    11. Remote Control 868Mhz  3W
    12. Lojack 173MHz 3W
    13. 130-180MHz VHF 3W
    14. 400-480MHz UHF 3W
    15. GPS L1 1575Mhz 2W
    16. GPS L2 1227MHz 2W  

    RF Frequency C(EU Market):
    1. GSM RC 915-965MHz 3W
    2. CDMA RC 860-950Mhz 3W
    3. 2G DCS PCS 1800-1890MHz 3W
    4. 3G UMTS WCDMA 2100-2170MHz 3W
    5. 4G LTE Europe 2620-2690 2W
    6. 4G Low 790-880MHz 3W
    7. BT WIFI 11b/g/n 2400-2500 MHz 2W
    8. Remote Control 433MHz 3W
    9. Remote Control 315MHz 3W
    10. Remote Control 868Mhz 3W
    11. GPS L1 1575Mhz 2W
    12. GPS L2 1227Mhz 2W
    13. GPS L5 1176.45MHz
    14. GPS L3+L4 1379/1381Mhz 2W
    15. Lojack 173MHz 3W
    16. GLONASS 1610-1670MHz

    RF Frequency D(US Market):
    1. CDMA 850-895MHz 3W ( or GSM CDMA 850-965MHz 3W )
    2. 2G DCS GSM1800 PCS 1800-1990MHz 3W
    3. 3G UMTS WCDMA 2100-2170MHz 3W
    4. 4G Wimax (USA Sprint) 2500-2700MHz 2W
    5. 4G LTE iPhone (AT&T & Verizon) 700-800MHz 2W
    6. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 2400-2500 MHz 2W
    7. Remote Control 433MHz 3W
    8. Remote Control 315MHz 3W
    9. Remote Control 868Mhz 3W
    10. Lojack 173MHz 3W
    11. GPS L1 1575Mhz 2W
    12. GPS L2 1227MHz 2W
    13. GPS L3 +L4 1379/1381Mhz 2W
    14. GPS L5 1176MHz 2W
    15. 130-180MHz VHF 3W
    16. 400-480MHz UHF 3W

    Total output power: 38-44 Watts

    Power supply: AC100-240V

    Radius of action: Up to 50 meters (the range varies depending on the distance of the operator from the BTS cell jammer)

    Weight: 7.5 Kg

    Size: 395x238x60mm

    Usage time: 24-hour 24 operating if plugged in.

    Cooling: Fan and built-in copper sink

    Antennas: Omnidirectional or panel antenna integrated

    Warranty: 12 months

    Package contents:

    1*Multi-functional Desktop Jammer
    1*AC adaptor

    Pls choose one Frequency!!!!


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